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Vedrana Kovac



                   "Музыка, это стенограмма человеческих чувств"

                                                Л. Н. Толсто́й


                                                                                                                     "Vedrana is a born communicator, playing in a grand manner."      

                                                                                                                                                 M. Troup "Music and vision" London, UK



      There, inside her piano

      strange things are happening

      Perhaps someone is in there?

      they are guessing

      Rumour has it that

      little people are dwelling

      There, inside her piano

      where all is perfectly tuned in...




  • Vedrana cooperates with Russian academician - Evgeniy Artyushkov, the geophysicist and the pianist, who has scientifically processed performance tecnique of the great pianists. The results of this cooperation will be soon published in the book "The Artistry of the Great Masters"...


  • Upcoming performances in  2017 bring Vedrana with solo concerts in USA, summer festivals in Croatia, piano recitals and Pianoforte terzzet concerts in Austria and Germany.


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